Shaibu Ibrahim, a blind man, on Tuesday took his best friend, another blind man, to court for allegedly “enticing his wife” according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Ibrahim, 26, told court in Nasarawa that his former friend, Shehu Sarki, who is also the head of the Blind People’s Association in the area, had been having an affair with 23-year old Lami, Ibrahim’s wife.

He says Sarki had been the one to arrange the marriage only months back.

“Sometime in June, our chairman, Sarki, helped me to get a woman, Lami, for marriage,” Ibrahim told the court.

“After our marriage in July, Sarki later enticed my wife and took her away from my house.

“I later discovered that my wife is staying in one of his rooms and he has been sleeping with her.”

What’s even more bizarre having an affair must be illegal in Nasarawa state because the News Agency of Nigeria reports that if convicted, Sarki could spend two years in jail.

The accused has pleaded not guilty and was granted bail by presiding judge Mr. Albert Maga in the amount of N20,000. Maga will hear the case on September 9.