Chief Medical Director, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Prof.Jesse Otegbayo.

By Our Correspondents

The Chief Medical Director of University College Hospital UCH, Ibadan, Prof. Jesse Otegbayo, has given vivid details of how he recovered from the infectious COVID-19 virus, saying that his saving grace was that before the infection, he had a very low viral load, was on a high dose of Vitamin C and his absolute belief in the healing powers of God.

Recall that Otegbayo had about three Sundays ago personally announced in a statement that he tested positive for COVID-19 and advised all those who had contact with him to go on self-quarantine. When his samples were however taken again on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the result, which was released after about three days later, came out negative.

The Prof, who relieved his experience in an interview on Channels TV Sunrise, monitored in Lagos Monday, disclosed that in addition to the administration of an undisclosed dose of Chloroquine on him by his personal doctors, his swift healing was aided by his low viral load, which suggests he has a very low history of viral diseases, high dose of Vitamin C and his absolute belief in God.

According to him, prior to his testing positive to the virus, he did not manifest any symptoms of the disease nor did he during the period of personal isolation until he tested negative again.

On the possible fear of stigmatisation and trauma associated with testing positive to the virus; the Prof said: “I had no fear of being stigmatised after the treatment because I knew that the virus is not such that stays in a victim’s body for a long time. But the trauma of having to stay away from my family was very much because I love my children and so we had to resort to phone calls.

“Naturally I am a very active person, in fact I am restless, so when I now had to be confined to a place for a period of time, it was quite traumatic. It is like confining a once very active child to one place, for such a child; that would be the greatest punishment”.

On possible abuse of Choloroquine, while refusing to disclose the dose of the drug that was administered on him, he also warned that his medical team prescribed and administered it on him based on several other considerations that have to do with his body chemistry, which might be peculiar to him alone and might not be applicable to other persons.

On what the college is doing to curtail the spread of the virus, he disclosed that the management had to shut some aspects of the operations of the college, having to ask some categories of members of staff to stay off duty and ensuring that medical personnel wore adequate Personal Protective Equipment PPE, among several others.

It was also gathered that the college is currently converting its 25-bed hospital for the treatment of Tuberculosis to COVID-19 Treatment, which has been stalled by lack of adequate funds to complete the project.

The CMD, who called on the private sector operators and public spirited individuals for assistance towards completing the project, however disclosed that it has received a N5million assistance from Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company IEDC as well as other material from other individuals and groups