Hurricane season this year has brought devastation and chaos everywhere from Texas to the Caribbean. But that has not stopped Floridians preparing to take on Hurricane Irma by eating cake.

Dozens of images of hurricane-themed baked goods have begun popping up on social media this week, with several being spotted at various Publix locations, a Florida-based supermarket chain.

Hurricane Irma is arriving a mere week after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. Irma is a category 5 storm, expected to be worse than 1992′s catastrophic Hurricane Andrew.

The cakes have provided some much-needed comedic relief during such a trying time for a lot of households, though some people have remarked that perhaps they’re a bit too flippant:  Hey Susan i know your house was completely demolished by that hurricane just absolutely obliterated u lost everything but i bought u this cake

If only these cakes had the power to obliterate the storms, and not just our sugar-cravings.