Founder, West Blue Consulting, Ms. Valentina Mintah

West Blue Consulting has rolled out an Epidemic Response Hub for Ekiti State, South West Nigeria, which is first -of –its- kind digital hub developed to help curtail the spread of COVID-19 virus in West Africa.

West Blue, an award winning ICT firm is reputed for delivering innovative technology-based solutions to public and private sector organisations across Africa.

It was learnt that the Epidemic Response Hub is a public health surveillance tool that monitors disease outbreak and disseminates geospatial information to both policy makers and the general public with the aim of curbing the spread of diseases.

The hub, which was financed by Ekiti State Government to combat the spread of COVID-19, also enables real time capture, storage and analysis of public health data such as the location and current occupancy rates of medical facilities, interactive maps showing exactly where outbreaks have occurred, as well as real-time contact tracing.

Launched by the Governor of the state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi at the peak of the outbreak of the virus, the hub enabled public health officials in the state to successfully monitor and manage the spread of the coronavirus in the state and environs, while enabling the citizens and residents to access critical healthcare information.

It was further gathered that through the platform, which is accessible via internet enabled devices; members of the public can report suspected cases, as well as self-diagnose using the hub’s self-assessment tool. It also includes a gateway through which users can make donations in support of humanitarian causes.

Speaking on the roll out of the hub, founder of West Blue Consulting, Valentina Mintah said: “Serving the public good has been a core value of the company since its inception in 2012 and we are proud to be supporting Ekiti State Government in its fight against COVID-19.

West Africa, like other regions of the world, faces extreme public health challenges caused by the coronavirus; West Blue has harnessed its unique IT expertise to develop a bespoke and highly customised digital platform that aims to help curb the spread of the disease within the populace.”

Ms. Mintah continued: “critically, the Epidemic Response Hub includes a social mobilisation tool that allows members of the public to donate funds and goods to entities distributing aid and resources to those most in need. It is a one-stop-platform that enables state officials and the public to work closely to prevent the spread of the disease, and protect society’s most vulnerable.”

Investigations show that the hub also enables traders and retailers to apply for official permits to re-open stores selling essential goods. Applicants are then provided with a code that can be verified by authorised persons when conducting safety checks.

Speaking on the platform, CEO of West Blue Consulting, Mark Addo, added: “The Fpidemic Response Hub is the first-of-its-kind in West Africa, and has been developed to support the response to highly contagious diseases such as Lassa fever, cholera, measles, Ebola and the novel covid-19 disease. What sets this tool apart is its accessibility, combined with its ability to facilitate interactions between state health authorities and members of the public, thereby enhancing health service delivery and information sharing.”

The Epidemic Response Hub signals the expansion of West Blue Consulting’s services offered to the public health sector. Previously, the company successfully developed and delivered national single window platforms for Nigeria in 2013 and Ghana in 2015, which significantly improved trade facilitation and led to multi-million dollar savings for both countries.

West Blue Consulting, with its core focus on trade facilitation and business process automation, deploys proprietary software to enable clients enhance competitiveness and reduce the time and cost of doing business. It provides cutting-edge, sustainable technology solutions across a wide range of industries and verticals including trade and customs, mining, transport, logistics and human development.